Supporting Our Wildlife
No matter how small your garden or low maintenance, with a little bit of thought about the plants and features you have in your garden you can do your bit .British gardens cover more than 1 million acres and can be a lifeline to lots of wildlife. At Evergreen Creations we always aim to include plants and features that will support our  British wildlife.

  About bees 250 150 s c1 Bumblebees
The sight and sound of bees buzzing from flower to flower is a quintessential part of British summertime, but sadly these creatures are struggling to survive. 

Simply by adding a few well chosen pollen rich plants you can support our friendly bumblebee
Herbs are  good plants, not only are they useful to us for cooking and low maintenance, but their flowers are a rich source of food for bees. 
Rosemary for Spring, Thyme for Early Summer and Lavender for late summer will feed bumblebees throughout the season and are but a  few flowers that will support them. 

 Blue Tit Garden Birds
Birds also benefit from open flowers because they attract inscets into the garden. In late summer plants that produce seed heads  and berries such as sunflowers, red hot pokers and honeysuckleprovide that valuable late food for birds before winter sets in. 

For more information visit: RSPB

Of course these and other possible visitors to your garden will really love a patch of wildflower meadow. Although known for being difficult to get started with seed, Evergreen Creations, as an accredited installer, uses wildflower turf; there are many different turfs to suit your soil, aspect and even your choice of flowers.

                                           wildflowers 3