Garden Ideas & Styles

Choosing a style for your garden is like creating a mood board for a room.

So what is your taste and preference?    What does your garden need to provide for you?


Contemporary Garden Style

Contemporary gardens reflect current lifestyles. Today people want to spend time enjoying their outdoor spaces for entertaining and living, rather than somewhere just for the plants. Large patio areas or stylish decking are normally a large element of the the garden design. Contemporary gardens include materials in vogue such as stainless steel for balaustrades , glass panels or water features , and hard landscaping using slate and natural stone. The planting will be varied to suit the outdoor living style of the owner.This could include any of the planting styles listed below or a mixed combination. The use of colour for walls and fences, straight lines and lighting all help to create that contemporary garden. 

Small Garden 21 11                       Garden-with-bright-pink-planters
Formal Garden Style

On a large scale the best example of this style is the parterre at Versailles, France, designed for Louis X1V; another is Hampton Court in Surrey. However, the simplicity and clean lines, together with the use of evergreen plants providing all year interest makes the style low maintenance and to be considered in a scaled down version. Topiary shapes can be as simple as a box ball in a pot but give a garden those elements of structure, unity and order. The garden looks as good in winter as in midsummer.

contemp front                            Small-Formal-Garden-Pam-Penick
Cottage Garden Style

Cottage or romantic gardens typically feature billowy herbaceous flower beds and snaking pathways . A profusion of colour and scents is achieved by combining a mix of flowers and shrubs. A mixture of gravel pathways, cobble setts, natural paving and wood are genrally use for the hard landscaping. Essentailly a British style of design, plants such as poppies, foxgloves,daisies also climbers such as roses and wisteria typify this style. You do not need a rural setting to create a cottage garden, the relaxed, informal style can be adapted to most locations.

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Tropical Garden Style

In the South West and inner city gardens it is possible to create a 'jungle' garden. Foliage plants are mainly used in this style of garden, colour coming from the plant leaves, lush and shiny , deep reds and oranges too.Plants such as Fatsia japonica, Cordyline australis and Trachycarpus fortunei are able to with stand a few degrees of frost and the addition of ferns will help to create a lush looking garden without too much extra work. Of course if you are prepared to take plants into the grrenhouse and wrap the garden up for winter, then the choice of exotic plants increases.

IMG 1195Exotic-hideaway