Weed Control

Weed Control

Evergreen Creations offers a range of weed control and eradication services. Being an environmentally responsible company means every care is takn to ensure the well being of surrounding plantlife, wildlife and humans.

Japanese Knotweed
The control of Japanese Knotweed is a priorty for many and is now recognised as the single most problematic invasive species in the UK. It is very difficult to get rid of because it spreads through fragments of exisiting foliage and rhizomes. If even a tiny amount of root or leaf is left in the ground it will grow into a new plant. Evergreen Creations offer an eradication service by applying a herbicide treatment. In some cases this will need to be applied several times before total eradication is achieved.


Hard Surfaces

Weed are an ongoing  problem. Weed seeds are blown by the wind and dropped by birds and wildlife. They collect in all the little crevices and joins in paving and edges of tarmac. Regular spraying of a specific or mix of hebicides will help to keep control of what can bacome an unsightly problem. Herbicides are absorbed into the weeds through their leaves. An ideal time for applying a hebicide is when the plant is activeley growing.

Moss can be a temporary problem following drought or waterlogging, or more persistent, suggesting a problem with underlying conditions. On new lawns this may be due to poor site preparation. On established lawns poor vigour, acidic soil conditions, a lack of feed, insufficient aeration, poor drainage, shade, close mowing and over-use are likely to blame.

Killing and removing the moss is just the start. To remain moss-free, the vigour of the grass must be improved and any other contributory factors addressed. Good autumn lawn maintenance is essential to maintaining lawn health.