Lawn Care

EVERGREEN CREATIONS offer a range of professional lawncare services which get results. Our quality service and attention to detail is aimed to maintain your lawn to the highest standard.
The starting point for a greener, healthier lawn is to have Evergreen Creations lawn specialist evaluate your lawn and suggest the best programme of treatment specific to your lawn. 

A beautiful healthy lawn.Lawn Renovation

It is rare that a lawn is beyond repair and re-turfing is recommended as a last resort. We advise on the root cause of the problem, be this shade, insect infestation, or soil structure and offer a range of solutions which ultimately achieve a thick, healthy lawn.

 Lawn Care Programme

Our lawn care programme is a seasonal programme which includes a minimum of three visits throughout the growing season.
Spring : After the ravages of winter your lawn will need nourishment to recover. A spring feed is applied to boost the turf, and kick start the fresh spring growth.
Summer:  A summer fertiliser will give your lawn an extra boost, this strengthens the roots and grass leaf. All that mowing and using the lawn for recreational activities means your lawn needs food!
Autumn:  The application of an autumn fertiliser is important in maintaining lawn quality and health. Using the correct level of potassium helps to raise the turf's tolerance to disease and helps it withstand low temperatures during the winter months.  

In addition our lawn care programme also includes weed, moss and pest control, scarification and aeration, top dressing and, where necessary over seeding.  

Weed Control

Weed control includes both spot and blanket applications with selective herbicides. It may take several applications to eradicate some existing weeds. With regular applications of weed control herbicides, combined with applications of fertiliser you can expect a weed free and healthy lawn. (See our weed control page for more)

Moss Control

Moss is a real tell-tale plant – telling you there is a problem with your lawn! The main reason for moss is surface compaction; it thrives on the moisture which is unable to drain away. We are able to offer solutions to control it mainly by improving the health of your lawn.

Want a green healthy lawn which is the envy of your friends and neighbours? Call us today and let us start loving your lawn.Applying summer fertiliser.